• Tibor Gulyas

Creating your first minecraft Adventure map

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Creating a Minecraft map was never easy… at least not before Codia! From now on, you only need a really cool idea, some time and Codia to code your own adventures!

So, let's assume you have the best ever adventure map concept in your mind. You first need to create your own adventure map from one of our templates in the Compass Menu (you can always find the Codia compass in your last inventory slot). With the compass, select "Your Adventures", and by clicking the head of the Ender Dragon, create a new adventure. You can select a template for your adventure in the next menu that pops up - templates are your starting points for creating a great world, but you can customize them all you want later on. We are always working on new templates to makes sure you don't get bored with the existing options, and if you have a great build that you feel would make a great template, tell us on Discord!

You may access your adventure through the same "Your Adventures" menu. Your friends will also be able to edit and test your map through the friends menu. Now, you should start programming scripts, recording sounds and creating textures to make your map unique - draw a new monster, code a unique trap, create a rainbow-furred flying exploding sheep, whatever comes to your mind is possible with Codia! Take your time to design your adventure, all the details, and story. You can continue editing at any time, you will find your adventure in the menu using your compass and we will automatically save your adventure once you exit the world.

You can always test your adventure too: in testing mode, you can play your map just as if you were a regular player. Enter the adventure you want to test in edit mode with the compass, and now in the compass menu the Test this Adventure option appeared in the top right corner. Clicking on this icon will bring you into another instance of your adventure. Play, blow things up and if you are not satisfied with the test results, just go back to edit and fine-tune your adventure. If you like the map, you may go to the "Manage your Adventures" menu under "Your Adventures", and publish your new adventure! Now, other players and your friends will be able to find your new adventure map with their own compass, in the "Toplist" menu.

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