A new way to teach

Summer camp or after-school coding course? We've got you covered.

Children learn differently than adults: teaching works best if the kids don't even know that they're learning. Above anything else, the experience must be fun and rewarding to keep kids engaged. Our education solution is highly gamified and engaging; you can be sure that kids will do their homework!

Codia includes the server infrastructure, pre-constructed education worlds, full curriculum covering more than 50 hours, and a full, step-by-step handbook for teachers to prepare for the lessons. During your lessons or camps, Codia also provides live support for teachers, should any questions arise.

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Meet The Team

Judit Kesmarki-Benedek

When it comes to legal, privacy, company admin and finance questions, Judit keeps everything running smoothly - so she does all the stuff that's hard to do.

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Attila Vekony

Attila is a math teacher and a senior programmer, which is quite a Wombo Combo for Codia. He gets all his energy from interacting with kids and he is an expert in kids' user-experience. He's also a multi-instrumental musician!

Peter Dongo

Peter is our hosting magician. He loves Minecraft even more than the average team member and he is a lifelong gamer and game developer. He practices Krav Maga, so he doubles up as the security guard of the team.

Balint Szoke-Kiss

Balint is our go-to guy when it comes to internet niche phenomenons and memes. He's culturally adept in the gaming scene too, and he mostly works on our front-end and gameplay.

Sebastian Zipf

Sebastian is as full-stack as it gets: he works on front-end, back-end, client, server and mobile too. He loves getting to know new technologies and frameworks so he's the go-to guy when it comes to starting a new project.

Klaudia Lukacs

Klaudia is our online marketing manager and she writes and records most of our content. She also organizes our team get-togethers and works on getting us out of the office when we get too workaholic. 

Tibor Gulyas

When Tibor's around, hide your food - he likes leftovers. He started the company thinking that he can code, knows a bit of marketing, has an eye for UX and can write acceptably, so it was a bit of crash for him when it turned out that everyone in the team does all these things better.

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Laszlo Kesmarki

Laszlo is the founder who really can code. He's also enduring all the "if you keep this work schedule you'll burn out in a month" talk for 20 years. As a serial entrepreneur, he started and led several tech companies to success.

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