Meet The Team

Judit Kesmarki-Benedek

When it comes to legal, privacy, company admin and finance questions, Judit keeps everything running smoothly - so she does all the stuff that's hard to do.

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Attila Vekony

Attila is a math teacher and a senior programmer, which is quite a Wombo Combo for Codia. He gets all his energy from interacting with kids and he is an expert in kids' user-experience. He's also a multi-instrumental musician!

Peter Dongo

Peter is our hosting magician. He loves Minecraft even more than the average team member and he is a lifelong gamer and game developer. He practices Krav Maga, so he doubles up as the security guard of the team.

Balint Szoke-Kiss

Balint is our go-to guy when it comes to internet niche phenomenons and memes. He's culturally adept in the gaming scene too, and he mostly works on our front-end and gameplay.

Sebastian Zipf

Sebastian is as full-stack as it gets: he works on front-end, back-end, client, server and mobile too. He loves getting to know new technologies and frameworks so he's the go-to guy when it comes to starting a new project.

Klaudia Lukacs

Klaudia is our online marketing manager and she writes and records most of our content. She also organizes our team get-togethers and works on getting us out of the office when we get too workaholic. 

Tibor Gulyas

When Tibor's around, hide your food - he likes leftovers. He started the company thinking that he can code, knows a bit of marketing, has an eye for UX and can write acceptably, so it was a bit of crash for him when it turned out that everyone in the team does all these things better.

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Laszlo Kesmarki

Laszlo is the founder who really can code. He's also enduring all the "if you keep this work schedule you'll burn out in a month" talk for 20 years. As a serial entrepreneur, he started and led several tech companies to success.

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